Blend The Emotional And Energetic Side Of Money With The Financial Planning Strategy That You’re Already An Expert In!

Dive Into Your Money Story

We all have beliefs and stories we’ve formed from years of societal, familial and personal conditioning around money. These thoughts and beliefs are rooted in our subconscious and often we are unaware of them.

Utilise our worksheet to dive into your money story and beliefs and start to identify your money patterns.

Fall back in love with your business

Do you ever wonder why despite having discussions around goals with your clients and them agreeing to the financial plan to achieve them, they’re just not able to stick to it?

The thing is, it’s not about the practical tools or the strategy, it’s about re-programming their subconscious minds around money. 95% of our days, we’re operating from our subconscious which means if our subconscious beliefs around money are lack and fear based, we are not going to be able to create the financial reality we dream of.

Learning the psychology behind why clients behave in certain ways and the tools to guide them in re-programming their money beliefs, will absolutely catapult their results and therefore your biz as well. Talk about a win/win situation.