Amie Baker

Meet Amie Baker

Amie Baker is a Financial Adviser and a Money Mindset Coach. Her career in financial services begun in 2004 at St George bank where she discovered a passion for helping people reach their financial goals.

Amie runs her own practice called Rekab Advice and operates also a money mindset coaching arm of her business known as Centsability. Amie recently launched a podcast and also holds webinars, speaks at events and soon to launch an online course all focused on improving ones relationship with their money using her financial planning skills as well as the skills as a money coach which focuses on unlocking the habits and behaviours that can often hinder ones success when it comes to money and more so their relationship with money.

Meet Cara Mollica

Cara is a Money Mindset Coach and former Certified Financial Planner with over 10 year’s experience in financial services. She discovered that the psychology, beliefs, patterns and behaviours around money were a key contributing factor to financial success. As the founder and CEO of Savvy Wealth, Cara’s Money Mindset program is carved from her passion in transforming women’s relationship with money and supporting them in achieving financial freedom and independence.

Cara Mollica