The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Ever wondered why you see those clients who set the same financial goals, year after year and don’t seem to be able to achieve them no matter what they do.

Do they wonder why their bank account balances and net worth hasn’t significantly changed over the last 5-10 years? Why they only ever seem to have just enough money? 

Well it’s got to do with their beliefs, thoughts and patterns; their subconscious mind. Dr Joe Dispenza says thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How we think and feel creates our state of being. Let’s go back to our imprint years, the beginning of our life. 

During our first 7 years of life, we spend most of our time in alpha and theta brainwaves. We are being programmed by our environment and are highly suggestible. These are the years we form beliefs about ourselves and life, we believe whatever we hear, see and feel as we don’t have the ability to think critically.

These beliefs remain unconscious throughout our lives, showing up in our patterns, behaviours, goals and achievements. Most people don’t even realise they have beliefs around money, let alone that that are blocking their ability to create the financial reality they desire.

Beliefs start as a thought and are then formed from either repetition or significant emotional events. Given we have 60,000 thoughts per day, it’s important we bring them from the unconscious to the conscious so rather than flying blind, we can choose to re-program our thoughts and therefore beliefs to positive and empowering ones.

95% of our days we are operating from our subconscious, which means we are running the exact same program as we did yesterday and the day before that.

Our brains are designed to keep us safe and alive, not to thrive and succeed. We see this happen when we are inspired and have goals we want to achieve, at the beginning we are excited and then over time life gets in the way and our programming takes over. We start to procrastinate, put things off until tomorrow and self-sabotage.

Our internal programming dictates everything in our lives, how much money we have in our bank account, the value of our investments, our ability to make and hold onto money. It dictates our financial setpoint; how much money we are comfortable earning, spending and holding onto. 

So how does this fit into financial planning? Well, helping our clients become aware of their thoughts, beliefs, patterns and behaviours around money and then to support them change their money stories to more empowering ones is going to enable them to stick to the financial plan. 

If our clients are constantly in stress, worry and doubt, they will become disconnected from their goals and end up attracting more stress, worry and doubt into their lives.  

The reason their financial reality isn’t changing, is because deep down they don’t believe it’s possible for them. 

Inside the Money Mindset Coaching for Goals Based Advice course, we not only teach you the science behind the subconscious mind, but provide you with a framework to support your clients in understanding their financial past and money patterns and how to overcome them. 

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