How your core wounds are impacting your relationship with money

We all have a relationship with money that has been formed from childhood experiences, our financial history and our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, patterns and behaviour. Unless we actively and consciously uncover these beliefs and re-program them, they will continue to be in the drivers seat dictating our financial reality. 

We also have core wounds which are a major source of mental and emotional stress, they are the source of our unhappiness and cause the challenges we experience in our lives. The more we resist looking at our wounds, the more power they have over us. We explore how our core wounds are influencing our subconscious and therefore our financial reality. 

There are three main core wounds, the fear of abandonment, the fear of rejection and the fear of betrayal. Let’s go through them. 

The fear of abandonment

The fear of abandonment is the overwhelming fear that people will leave you either physically,  emotionally and/or financially and is surprisingly common.  

How the fear of abandonment shows up around money

It may seem strange to apply the fear of abandonment to money and finances, however our core wounds impact our financial reality more than we realise. 

The fear of abandonment can show up around money in the following ways:

The fear of rejection

Biologically we are wired with a need to belong, to be part of the pack or group and therefore fear being rejected, cut off from people, isolated or seen in a negative light. Human beings want to be accepted and wanted or needed. 

How the fear of rejection shows up around money

Our fear of rejection shows up around money in a number of ways. We may be afraid that rejection means we are unlovable or not worthy and deserving of having money which can result in us becoming perfectionists, numbing our feelings, dimming our light if we think we are too much for others and having feelings of shame, guilt and anger around money.

The fear of betrayal 

Betrayal feels like the double whammy of abandonment and rejection, it’s pre-meditated where the person betraying knows what is going on and the betrayed does not. The shock of it can leave us feeling like our sense of security is being threatened. 

How the fear of betrayal shows up around money

The fear of betrayal can show up around money in the following ways: you can see, these core wounds if left unresolved can have an incredible impact on our financial reality. This is one of the areas we cover in the Money Mindset for Goals Based Advice Course, for more information click here. 

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